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Maybe my passion is nothing special, but at least its mine.
--Tove Jansson
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Perfectly ripe bosc pears.
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Take the damn phone, take the damn television, but I would really kill myself if I couldn't have music.
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I want more shrimp...and salmon, don't forget the salmon.
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Oh yes, Cats. 

But I also love dogs.  I just prefer cats because...well, it's hard to say, it's liking asking why I prefer the color green to purple.  I love purple, but green just speaks to my soul that little bit more.

An anti-cat person wouldn't get the time of day, and anti-dog person wouldn't either.  Either you love animals, or I'm not touching you with a fifty foot pole.
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Banning books is, for me, the ultimate form of evil and oppression. I may not like a book, I may disagree with its subject matter, but I will not ban it. Banning books leads to too many other oppressive practices.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Two Chihuahuas tearing open a chip bag on top of a violin.
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The buzz of fluorescent lights. It gives me migraines, and drives me bonkers. The closest I've ever come to killing someone was directly related to that person insisting on turning on a particularly bad bank of lights, claiming s/he couldn't hear a thing and implying the noise and pain were all in my head.
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Year of the rabbit, wood. Yeah, fairly accurate.
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Empathy projection. I'd probably abuse it, but I would make it very hard for people to fight with one another if they feel compassion and love for one another. Yes, I'm a sap.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]My friend, I will love you.


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