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First, write down the names of 12 characters (it's best when they're all from the same fandom). Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

I decided to pick & mix first, the first couple of fandoms that popped in my half-asleep head.

1. Battalion (Wildstorm Universe)
2. Winter (Wildstorm Universe)
3. Zealot (Wildstorm Universe)
4. The Baroness (G.I. Joe)
5. Zartan (G.I. Joe)
6. Zandar (G.I. Joe)
7. Megatron (Transformers G1)
8. Starscream (Transformers G1)
9. Soundwave (Transformers G1)
10. The Doctor (Doctor Who-verse)
11. Ianto Jones (Doctor Who-verse)
12. Vyvyan Basterd (The Young Ones)

The First Bunch of Answers.  )

Then looking at some of the answers, I decided to go back and do it with just one fandom, so I closed my eyes and pointed, and ended up with G.I. Joe (or rather Cobra High Command and various hangers on.) I was actually hoping for the Wildstorm universe, but I’m stupidly honest. Most answers are comic-based, but a few might be influenced by the cartoon. Quite a few of the answers squicked me.

1. Zandar
2. The Baroness
3. Firefly
4. Zartan
5. Cobra Commander
6. Destro
7. Xamot
8. Tomax
9. Zarana
10. Serpentor
11. Torch
12. Buzzer

The Second Bunch of Answers.  )
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Discovered this morning that the man who was the voice of the original Optimus Prime currently does the voice for Eeyore. Somehow this makes me happy.


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